Things to Do in Bloomington, IN

Things to Do in Bloomington, IN

Bloomington has all these fun things to do, they are all seemingly endless. Today you might find yourself in a boat on Lake Monroe and tomorrow, boom! You are at an opera. One minute you could be sipping on some brilliant cocktails on the city Square and the next you are enjoying a stand-up comedy downtown. All the attractions leave you overwhelmed as to what you should try and what you should leave out. Just a single weekend trip is enough to let you in on Bloomington’s rich museums, parks and state of the art limestone architecture.

  • Pay Lake Monroe a Visit

As you head towards the South eastern side of Bloomington, you will find this majestic reservoir sitting on 10,750 acres of land. It is encircled by close to 24,000 acres of protected wilderness areas and forests. It spreads over two counties; Brown and Monroe, providing the residents with a stunning and natural recreation area where they can they can enjoy the vast and great outdoors.

Towards the eastern shore lies Fourwinds Resort & Marina and Ransburg Scout Reservation. Here you will find close to 800 boats offering visitors a chance to enjoy year-round fishing, kayaking,  water-skiing and boating.

  • How about some history at the Eskenazi Museum of Art at Indiana University

This museum was established in 1941 and it is the first art museum in Canada. Anyone who has been here, whether a history buff or not, will attest to the fact that a visit here is totally worthwhile and it is one must-do thing in Bloomington. This museum houses a globally acclaimed collection of more than 45,000 art pieces, including paintings by Pablo Picasso and Claude Monet. Here, you will also find African Masks as well as jewelry. The museum’s sole existence is to encourage, enrich and inspire the life of each visitor who walks in through the untold beauty of Art.

  • Downtown Bloomington; the Buskirk-Chumley Theatre

Right in the heart of Bloomington’s downtown is the Buskirk-Chumley Theatre. This performance storage or venue showcases an array of shows, stage performances and other forms of entertainment for the residents and visitors alike. It is a welcoming space that invites all; performers and the community at large. It also doubles up as a brilliant romantic date night idea. It is perfectly located in close proximity to some of Downtown’s main attractions including restaurants, bars and even night clubs.

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