Famous People from Bloomington, IN

Famous People from Bloomington, IN

The blooming city as you would like to call it has almost everything going on pretty well for it. In addition to its ‘lifetime achievements’ it boasts a long list of famous people who in their own special way have placed Bloomington on the global map. Below are just but a few of these notable individuals.

  • Dee Bradley Baker

Dee was born in Bloomington in 1962 to Nancy and Buddy Baker. He is a well renowned American actor, specifically a voice actor, and you probably know him from his major roles. Most of his work features vocalizing animals in animated series such as Avatar, SpongeBob SquarePants, American Dad, The Last Airbender, Kids Next Door, Steven Universe and so many more. He started performing at the tender age of nine and he worked steadily in plays, musicals, operas as well as stand-ups. 

  • Joseph Orville Butcher

Joseph was born in Bloomington in the year 1912. He was quite a well decorated and celebrated officer of the United Stated Marine Corps and he even managed to get to the ‘Major General’ rank. Most of his time during his career was spent in the Marine Corps’ Quartermaster Department, where he handled field assignments during World War II. He served in several leading positions including Commanding General, Deputy Major General and assistant Quartermaster General.

In his early days, he attended Indiana University in Bloomington after graduating from High School and acquired a Bachelor of Arts Degree in the year 1936. While in campus, he managed to successfully complete the Advanced Training where he trained with the Army Reserve Officer’s Training Corps Unit. He was commissioned as Reserve Second Lieutenant in 1935. After this, his career took an upward trend and he grew into the skilled leader he turned out to be.

  • David Martin Shuster

This talk radio host and American TV journalist hails from Bloomington, IN, where he was born in 1967. He has worked as an anchor in many stations including Al Jazeera America, Current TV, CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. His most recent career move is becoming the managing editor and principal anchor for i24NEWS. His time in MSNBC saw him as an anchor of prime-time breaking news, and he even covered the story about the death of Michael Jackson, the tragic earthquake in Haiti, the passage of the Healthcare Reform Program in Congress and many other major stories. 

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